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    What is the purpose of this information notice?

    Dear Customer, the purpose of this communication is to inform you: (i) on the methods of processing and storing the "personal data" that will be provided to NUOVA FATTORIA ALLOCCA S.r.l. with registered office in via Nuova del Bosco Area P.I.P. lotto 43 – 80034 – Marigliano (NA), as well as (ii) on the rights and guarantees which the owners of these data will enjoy. As a result of the information provided in this communication, the objective of our company is to obtain your authorization to process and store the personal data in question, for the purposes specified therein and for the time specified therein, considered that any refusal to provide and authorize the processing and / or storage of personal data will make it impossible for the undersigned company to follow up the legal relationship with you.

    What data will be processed and stored?

    For the execution of the existing sales contract and, in general, of the civil relations maintained with our company, the personal data (company name, address and VAT number, ATECO Code, IBAN, emailPEC, telephone number) will be processed and stored. ), accounting (invoices and payments) and economic (concerning purchases made) of your company, as well as name, surname, address, email, telephone number, tax identification number of the people who represent your company, in relations with our company . Furthermore, in the event of a dispute, sensitive data concerning any judgments initiated will be processed and kept.

    What will be the purposes for which personal and / or sensitive data will be processed and stored?

    The data will be processed for the following purposes:
    • formulation of offers, estimates and stipulation of contracts concerning the sale of the products sold and the services provided by our company;
    • administrative, accounting and contractual management of the existing legal relationship and the related legal obligations;
    • execution and supply of marketed products and services provided;
    • archiving aimed at keeping the accounting documents for the necessary times required by the regulations in force and for the controls of the authorities;
    • protection of contractual rights even during disputes;
    • communication of commercial and / or information initiatives regarding the products marketed and / or services provided.

    With what methods and forms will personal data be processed and stored?

    The data processing can be carried out through paper documents and archives and / or through electronic and / or telematic means, in compliance with the provisions of the law aimed at guaranteeing confidentiality and security, as well as the accuracy, updating and relevance with respect to for the aforementioned purposes, in order to avoid access and consequent treatment by subjects not previously authorized. The logic applied to electronic tools, used for the management of personal data functional to the provision of the service, is based on the application of specific policies that limit access to specifically authorized personnel. To them the company will try to apply the principle of necessity, which provides for the configuration of computer systems and programs to minimize the use of personal and identification data, so as to exclude the treatment when the aims pursued in individual cases can be carried out using anonymous data or appropriate methods that allow the identification of the interested party only in the case
    of necessity. The writer adopts all the necessary security measures in the processing and storage of personal data. The owner will be able to know the security measures adopted simply by writing an email to the Data Processor.

    How long will personal and / or sensitive data be processed and / or stored?
    Personal data will be processed by the undersigned company for as long as the legal relationship is established. Subsequently, and also in the event of a request for cancellation, the same will be kept - to comply with legal or regulatory obligations (such as keeping accounting documents, archiving contractual documents for any dispute or contractual liability) - for a period of 10 years, after which the data will be deleted or made anonymous.

    To whom will the personal data be communicated and / or supplied?
    No personal data will be disseminated or transferred to an Extra EU country. Without prejudice to communications made in fulfillment of obligations established by laws, regulations or community legislation, the data will be processed by the employees and collaborators of the undersigned company in relation to the specific tasks assigned to them and may be communicated - in Italy and / or abroad - to the Authorities or Public Institutions, credit institutions, subsidiaries and affiliates, IT and corporate consultancy companies, debt collection companies and insurance companies, professionals and companies that provide services and consultancy (for example: in accounting, tax, legal etc.), to subjects who need to access the data for the execution of the existing legal relationship. In any case, only the personal data necessary to achieve the purpose for which they are collected will be transferred to the aforementioned subjects, in full compliance with the necessary security and confidentiality of the data.

    What rights does the owner of the personal data have?
    With regards to personal data, and at any time, by simple written request addressed to the Data Controller (also by e-mail indicated below) the interested parties may:
    • obtain access to personal data to learn about the origin of the data, the purpose of the processing, the logic applied to the processing with use of electronic tools, categories of data, recipients (or categories of recipients) to whom the data will be communicated, storage period, and their communication in an intelligible format;
    • to obtain the rectification, integration, cancellation (with the exception of the conservation necessary for compliance with legal and fiscal obligations) of the data or the limitation of their treatment;
    • oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of personal data;
    • obtain data portability, where relevant;
    • withdraw consent at any time;
    • lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

    Who are the data processors and data controllers?
    The data controller is NUOVA FATTORIA ALLOCCA S.r.l., with its registered office at Via Starza Regina, 60 - 80049 - Somma Vesuviana (NA) (Email:

    the Legal Representative p.t.
    Raffaele Allocca

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