About us

Nuova Fattoria Allocca for over twenty years a point of reference for the wellness of your animals!

The N.F. Allocca srl was born thanks to the impulse of the entrepreneur Raffaele Allocca who had gained a long experience in the pet sector following his fathers footprints in the family firm.

Business growth

The extension of markets and the increasing insertion of the firm in them, lead the entrepreneur Allocca to a strategic choice that sees the beginning of new structural investments focusing in particular on the distribution of pet products.

Over the years the firm has changed its organization adapting to the growing standards and moves its offices and warehouses in a new structure of about 1000sqm. starting the import and distribution of premium goods of American production.

In 2012 it signs with the municipality of Marigliano (NA) the purchase of a lot in the PIP area of 10.000sqm for the realization of another structure bigger and more advanced than the existing one. The investment was realized and ended at the beginning of 2017. The new factory is equipped with advanced technological plants used both for logistics and for commercial development areas with a conference room with more than 100 seats, meeting rooms for conference call, administration offices, canteen and an automated warehouse.


The further evolution of the market and in particular of business strategies that go along with the growth of the organization lead to a business agreement with which N.F. Allocca becomes an exclusive dealer of French multinational for the region Campania from 2002 to the beginning of 2017. Currently the firm supplies on its own and exclusively as a wholesaler, food and accessories for small pets produced as a leading company at national and international level.

Commercial network

The N.F. Allocca srl relies on a commercial network, selling and marketing assistants and an organogram of more than 12 people both for the administration area and for the running of warehouses and transport. All the internal systems of management, check and warehouse are totally computerized.